Proflame 2 Transmitter TMFSLA 0.584.040
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0.584.040 Proflame 2 Remote Transmitter 0.584.040

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Part Number: 0.584.040
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0.584.040 SIT Controls Proflame 2 Remote Control Transmitter PF 2 CSA GTMFSLA can be used to replace several different SIT Remote Transmitters.

This SIT Proflame remote control transmitter was used on many direct vent gas fireplaces and stoves and has the ability to control several features.

You can program this remote to your existing fireplace or stove with a simple programming feature on your current receiver.

Push the program button one time on your receiver and you should hear the 3 short beep telling you the receiver is now ready to accept a new code from the remote transmitter.
Now push the On/Off button of your remote transmitter and you should hear 4 beeps from the receiver telling you the receiver and the remote are now paired with the same RF code and ready to be used.

If after you have performed this procedure you are still not able to control your gas log set remotely then the most common failure part is the receiver.

Alternate part Numbers for the SIT 0.584.040 are:

SIT Controls 0584040
Ambiance Fireplaces: 308-6014
SIT Controls 0-584-040
Kozy Heat part number 700-508
Ambiance Fireplaces: 308-6014
Enviro 50-3029
Archgard: 308-6014
Avalon from Travis Industries250 02711
Fireplace Xtrordinair from Travis Industries 25002711
Hearthstone: 7000-395
Lopi from Travis Industries 250-02711
Mendota: 05-02-00382
RH Peterson  Real Fyre: D1-30-709

FCC ID : T990558402300

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