Novus Series fireplace by Heatlilator.
Novus Series fireplace by Heatlilator.

NOVUS Direct Vent Fireplace Series by Heatilator

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Part Number: NOVUS
Brand: Heatilator
This specific Equipment Model or Replacement Part is No Longer Available to Allparts Equipment but may be found from others online sources.

The Novus is everything you need to provide your family and friends the comfort which has made it the best-selling gas fireplace of all time. The versatile Novus gas fireplace with glowing embers fits into almost any lifestyle and space, where other fireplaces can’t. Relax in knowing the industry’s most recognized brand delivers long-lasting performance, allowing you to make fireside memories for years to come.

  • BATTERY BACKUP - Ensures you always have a reliable source of warmth even with a winter power outage.
  • DIRECT VENT TECHNOLOGY - Removes any fumes or combustion exhaust efficiently and effectively from your home.
  • INTELLIFIRE® IGNITION SYSTEM - Monitors ignition at all times to assure safe performance and save energy costs.

The Novus Series includes models: ND3630, ND3630I, ND3630L, ND3630IL, ND3933, ND3933I, ND3933L, ND3933IL, ND4236, ND4236I, ND4236L, ND4230IL, ND4842, ND4842I, ND4842L, & ND4842IL.

Revision B models: NDV3630-B, NDV3630I-B, NDV3630L-B, NDV3630IL-B, NDV3933-B, NDV3933I-B, NDV3933L-B, NDV3933IL-B, NDV4236-B, NDV4236I-B, NDV4236L, NDV4230IL-B, NDV4842-B, NDV4842I-B, NDV4842L-B, & NDV4842IL-B

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