The gaskets included in the ABP-5950057 gasket kit.
The gaskets included in the ABP-5950057 gasket kit. Three circular gaskets with small rectangular ends, and two smaller rectangular gaskets from the ABP-5950057 gasket kit. The large square gasket that is part of the ABP-5950057 pump gasket kit. ABP-5950057 GASKET KIT 5900 SERIES PUMP for air compressors


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Part Number
Part Number: ABP-5950057
Brand: DeVilbiss Air Compressor and Equipment
Shipping Weight: 3 Lbs

ABP-5950057 Gasket Kit is the complete gasket kit for the B5900 Series air compressor pumps that were used by DeVilbiss Air Power Company.

This ABP-5950057 Complete gasket kit contains all of the gaskets needed to repair the air compressor pump during any tear down and rebuild. Currently these gaskets can only be purchased as part of the complete gasket kit.

The ABP-5950057 Gasket Kit will fit the pumps that were used on several different models of air compressors including the Z-ABP-459, ABP-459, D27044, Z-D27044, AP5900 and B5900 pumps.

This series of 2 Stage Air Compressor pumps were used by Sears Craftsman, DeVilbiss, DeWalt, Porter Cable, Pentair, Ex-Cell, Air America, Sanborn, Coleman Powermate and many other manufactures.


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The ABP-5950057 Gasket Kit is used on the following Model Number:
919-16780 Type 0
919-16780 Type 1
919-16780 Type 2
ACBLK6580V2 Type 0
ACBLK6580V2 Type 1
ACBLK6580V2 Type 2
CPLKC7080V2 Type 0
CPLKC7080V2 Type 1
DACE-7161 Type 2
DLKC6580V2 Type 0
DLKC6580V2 Type 1
IR65K80V1D Type 0
IRC65K80V1D Type 0
IRLK6580V2 Type 0
IRLK6580V2 Type 1
IRLKC6580V2 Type 0
IRLKC6580V2 Type 1
LK6580V2 Type 0
LK6580V2 Type 1
PALK6580V2 Type 0
PALK6580V2 Type 1
PALKC6580V2 Type 0
PALKC6580V2 Type 1
PALKC7080V2 Type 0
PRLK6580V2 Type 0
PRLK6580V2 Type 1
PRLKC6580V2 Type 0
PRLKC6580V2 Type 1
RA5K80V1D Type 0
RA65K80V1D Type 0
RAC5K80V1D Type 0
RAC65K80V1D Type 0
RALK6580V2 Type 0
RALK6580V2 Type 1
RALKC6580V2 Type 0
RALKC6580V2 Type 1
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