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AR20992 Unloader valve

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AR20992 Unloader valve

Part Number: AR20992


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AR20992 Unloader Valve is a bolt on Regulating Valve from AR Annovi- Reverberi.
This is the AR Gymatic 4/B Series Unloader valve for RR, RK, RKV, RKA, XMV,and XM Series AR Annovi-Reverberi high pressure pumps.

The AR20992 Unloader Valve comes with the following standard features:

Fits RR, RK, RKV, RKA, XMV,and XM Series AR Annovi-Reverberi high pressure pumps.
Max PSI: 4000
Inlet Port: 1/2" Female
Outlet Port: 3/8" Male
Max GPM: 5 GPM
By-Pass: Brass Built In By-Pass AR1540470
Brass Inlet Mounting Bolt AR2260420
Steel High Pressure Outlet Bolt AR2260180
Inlet Mounting Kit with O-rings AR2121

The Gyatic 4/B Bolt on unloader was used and various models or pressure washers throughout the industry and can be found on most major brands of pressure washers.
You can also tell if you have a GyMatic Unloader valve by looking at the brass by-pass adaptor this brass piece will have GYMATIC 4 stamped into the brass housing.
Your typical regulating unloader valve functions as a safety device in which the regulating unloader valves control the direction of the flow of water exiting the pump.
A positive displacement pump always delivers water, regardless of whether the spray gun attachment is in the open or closed position.
When the spray gun is in the closed position the regulating unloader valve redirects the flow of water back through the By-Pass of the unloader and back to the inlet side of the pump.

This prevents the excess buildup of high pressure and guards against the failure of component parts.
Most pressure washers and carpet cleaners are installed with either a Trapped Pressure Unloader or a Flow Actuated Unloader.