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Part Number: CPR-9700
Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs
The CPR-9700 and CPR9700 DeVair Centrifugal Pressure Release CPR is a complete original equipment replacement CPR for the DeVair and DV Systems air compressor pumps.

This CPR-9700 is designed to release the Head Pressure that is trapped between the air compressor pump and the check valve in the air holding tank.

The CPR-9700 will allow this pressurized air between the pump and the check valve to be released by the CPR for approximately 3 to 5 seconds after the unit stops.

When the Air Compressor Pump is running the Flyweights inside the CPR-9700 are opened centrifugally, this caused by the Flyweights being fastened to the rotating Crankshaft of the Pump.

The open Flyweights and the Spring cause the Valve Stem to be moved towards the Crankshaft, thereby moving the Ball into a position which stops the flow of air through the Valve.

When the Pump shuts down the Flyweights close pushing the Valve Stem away from the Crankshaft and thereby moving the Ball into a position to allow air to bleed through the Release Valve.

Air should only bleed from the Valve for 3 to 5 seconds.

The 'CPR-9700'is interchangeable with previous models as used on the '44643', '432', and '445' Pumps.

On '44633' Pumps, the installation of the 'CPR-9700' requireds a new Pump End Housing, part number '37335-106'.

On '44642' Pumps, the 'CPR-9700' will not fit on those Pumps with serial numbers prior to serial number '11177'. Parts may be ordered for the existing assembly.

A. The Pump must be rotating at a minimum of 500 rpm for the 'CPR-9700' to work effectively.
B. Some older Pumps may require the thread in the end of the Crankshaft to be tapped deeper. It must be a minimum of 1-1/8 in. deep.

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The Unit blows off continuously at the CPR while the Unit is running.

The Valve Stem, Ball, or Spring may be sticking in the Valve/Cup Body.
Unscrew the End Plug, take the Stem, Ball and Spring out of the Body, and clean.

The Pump may not be operating at the minimum 500 rpm required to close the Valve.

The Unit blows off continuously at the CPR while stopped.
Though the symptom is found at the CPR, the actual problem is at the Check Valve area, air bleeding from the Tank through the Check Valve and out the CPR. Repair or replace Check Valve.
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