111440-06 Gas Valve with Stepper Motor Sit Nova 820 Millivolt Vantage Hearth

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The 111440-06 Gas valve is a Sit Controls 820 Nova series Millivolt Gas Valve with a preinstalled stepper motor for flame height adjustment using the Sit Controls 584 Series Proflame Remote System and was used on Vantage Hearth branded fireplaces and Gas Log sets including FMI Products LLC. 

The 111440-06 Vent Free Gas Valve is a SIT 820 NOVA Mv, LP Liquid Propane remote controlled gas valve with stepper motor for flame modulation and requires remote control for on off and flame control operations.

The Sit Controls gas valve has the following specifications.

Split-system millivolt control natural gas valve for use in vent-fee fireplaces and fireboxes.
Stepper Motor Controlled burner adjustment.
Minimum voltage 145mV Coil resistance 2.25±0.5
Thermo-Electric Unit Hold-in current less than 285Ma
Propane Gas Inlet 3/8 in. NPT
Propane Gas Outlet 3/8 in. NPT
Maximum natural gas inlet pressure 1/2 PSIG Ambient operating
temperature 32° to 175° F
Maximum @ 1 in. w.c. pressure drop 100,000 BTU per hour Regulation capacity 5,000 to 195,000 BTU AP per hour

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