YJR-0H2 / H17-01 Induction motor by Broad Ocean Vanes
YJR-0H2 / H17-01 Induction motor by Broad Ocean Vanes YJR-0H2 / H17-01 motor draft induction by Broad Ocean outlet YJR-0H2 / H17-01 Broan Ocean Motor windings YJR-0H2 / H17-01 Broad Ocean Motor face down

YJR-0H2/H17-01 YJR-0H2 / H17-01 Motor for overhead furnaces by Broad Oceans

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Part Number
Part Number: YJR-0H2/H17-01
Brand: Broad Ocean
Shipping Weight: 11 Lbs

YJR-0H2/H17-01 Broad Ocean Motor is the draft induction motor used as the replacement draft induction motor for various compact unit heaters and compact overhead garage heaters manufactured by Enerco and sold under several brands including Mr. Heater, Heatstar, Big Maxx, Buddy heaters as well as many others.

YJR-0H2/H17-01 Motor is a 120 Volt 3000 RPM Motor with attached fan and induction housing and was the main replacement motor used on the following partial list of heater model numbers and others privately labels units by Enerco as well as other model of compact unit heaters.

The YJR-0H2/H17-01 Induce Draft Motor has the following specifications:

Broad-Ocean Motor Company Draft Induction Motor

Model: YJR-0H2 / H17-01:
RPM: 3000 2P:
V: 120 Hz: 60
A: 0.85 HP: 1/40
Class: B Motor 

Service Note:

Always check the set screw on the Blower Motor Fan Collar before reassembly.
We suggest Loctite 272 be used to secure set screw.

Shipping Note:
In order to help prevent shipping damage to this product these items are shipped in a 14x10x10 box with expandable foam packaging and dimensional weight is used to calculate shipping weights this item is calculated at 11 Lbs. for shipping purposes.

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