The full WS-010-0799 Propane Gas Pilot Assembly. The thermocouple, thermopile, 3-way pilot hood, and wires are pictured.
The full WS-010-0799 Propane Gas Pilot Assembly. The thermocouple, thermopile, 3-way pilot hood, and wires are pictured. The W010-0799 viewed from above, showing the 3-way pilot hood, the thermocouple, and the thermopile. The back of the WS-010-0799 pilot assembly. The bronze-colored thermocouple wire is visible.

W010-0799 Top Mounting Propane Gas Pilot Assembly for Napoleon

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Part Number
Part Number: W010-0799
Brand: Napoleon
Shipping Weight: 0.875 Lbs

W010-0799 is a top mounting pilot assembly for Napoleon fireplaces. The pilot head outputs a 3-way flame. The W010-799 is only for use with liquid propane gas Napoleon-brand fireplaces and gas stoves.

Napoleon's W010-0799 is part of SIT Group's 199 PILOT series of fireplace pilot assemblies. The assembly includes the brackets and other hardware needed for installation.

This propane gas fireplace pilot assembly is a genuine OEM Napoleon replacement part.

Features and Specifications of the W010-0799 Pilot Assembly

The W010-0799 Napoleon propane gas pilot assembly contains a high-temperature pilot tube, a thermopile, a thermocouple, an ignition electrode wire, and a pilot burner assembly.

Features Breakdown:

  • High-temperature pilot tube
  • Genuine Napoleon replacement part
  • 3-way flame pilot hood
  • For use with LPG (liquid propane gas) only
  • Able to be installed in select propane gas appliances
  • Top-mounting bracket included

Pilot Assembly Specifications:

  • Thermopile Length: 24 in.
  • Thermocouple Length: 600 mm
  • Pilot Tip Temp. Rating: 1450°F
  • Electrode Tip Temp. Rating: 1480°F
  • Electrode Wire Length: 620 mm
  • Electrode Wire Connector: Female 2.4 mm

Service Notice

SIT Group's 199 PILOT series consists of multiple identical-looking fireplace pilot assemblies. The differences between these pilots are hard to spot. It is vital that you use the exact model required for your appliance.

We recommend only using the pilot assembly recommended by the manufacturer. You can find this in the user manual for your direct vent propane gas appliance.

Using an unsupported pilot assembly is both a safety risk and a risk to the continued operation of your appliance.

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The following is a partial list of Napoleon fireplaces that the W010-0799 pilot services. Please ensure that your fireplace is configured for propane gas before installing the W010-0799:

  • B30 Ascent
  • B35 Ascent
  • B36 Ascent
  • B42 Ascent
  • B46 Ascent

  • B36DF
  • BGD33
  • BGD34
  • BGD36
  • BGD36CF Grandville
  • BGD38
  • BGD40
  • BGD42
  • BGD42CF
  • BGNV40
  • BGNV42

  • GD33
  • GD34
  • GD36
  • GD70
  • GD70 StarFire Series
  • GDI30
  • GDI50
  • GDS20
  • GDS50
  • GDS60 (Rear Vent)
  • GE38
  • GSS36
  • GX36-1 Ascent
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