VS8520E Gas Valve Replacement Kit Propane Gas top mount
VS8520E Gas Valve Replacement Kit Propane Gas top mount VS8520E Gas Valve Kit Propane Gas top mount VS8520E Gas Valve Replacement Kit Propane Gas


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Part Number: VS8520E-LPKIT-TM
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The VS8520E-LPKIT-SM is a Propane Gas control valve replacement kit to replace the Honeywell VS8520E that was shipped set up for LP Propane Gas and had the Red cap screw on the Hi Lo Adjustment using a Side Mounting Pilot Assy

This is an installer service replacement kit and must be replaced by a certified HVAC contractor with proper installation tool and testing equipment as some addition modification may be required depending on the specific model of the fireplace the replacement kit is being installed in.

This gas valve replacement kit will include the Hi-Lo Adjustable LP Gas Valve, LP Side Mounting Propane Pilot Assy, Gas Valve Mounting Bracket, Igniter and comes with various screw components to allow for the replacement of the Honeywell VS8520E Propane Gas valve.

These VS8520E Replacement Kits are designed to only work with the Honeywell VS8520E series gas valve that has the Inlet and outlet ports on opposing sides of the gas valve and "WILL NOT" work on any VS8520 Series gas valves with the inlet and outlet ports on the bottom of the gas valves.

The correct kit must be order for the specific gas type that is being replace.

VS8520E-LPKIT-SM Propane Gas service replacement kit or replacement of the VS8520E Shipped as Propane Gas with a Red Hi Lo Cap

If you are replacing the VS8520E Honeywell Gas Valve is a Lennox IHP Fireplace we recommend the specific Gas Train associated with the model of your complet direct vent fireplace.

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