H8095 Gas Train Upgrade Kit Lennox Spectra 40N Series Fireplaces

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Part Number: H8095
Brand: Lennox IHP Spectra
Shipping Weight: 28 Lbs
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The H8095 Upgrade Kit is the Lennox Direct Vent Spectra Series gas train and controls Honeywell RV8310 replacement and upgrade kit.

This Lennox gas train upgrade replacement kit is specifically designed for the Dave Lennox Signature Collection direct vent Spectra series natural gas fireplaces.

The H8095 Natural gas kit upgrade will replace your obsolete Honeywell components used in older model Lennox gas train assemblies with new Sit Control electronic ignition components.

This Spectra 40N Gas Train, replacement and upgrade kit, includes the following components:

  • Gas Train Assembly
  • Rocker Switch
  • GTMS Wire Harness (2 ft.)
  • Electrical Cord for Blower Motor
  • Fan Control Module Kit with Receiver Power port.
  • Switch Bracket 
  • Transmitter, Handheld Remote Control
  • Receiver Kit with timed fan operation and battery backup.
  • Velcro Tape (12-inch roll)
  • Direct Vent Spectra Series Care
  • Proflame DFC Board & Operation Instructions (875,020M)
  • Wire Harness for the DFC, Direct Fireplace Burner Control Module

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The Lennox H8095 Gas Train Kit is a complete replacement kit for your current Spectra gas fireplace.

The H8095 is easy to install and maintain. It will help ensure that your fireplace operates safely and efficiently for years to come and is compatible with the Spectra LSS-40 series direct vent fireplaces.


  • Complete replacement kit for Lennox Spectra direct vent gas fireplaces
  • Includes gas train assembly, rocker switch, GTMS wire harness, DFC wire harness, fan control module kit, switch bracket, transmitter kit, receiver kit, Velcro tape, and direct vent Spectra series care instructions
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Ensures safe and efficient operation of your fireplace with an electronic ignition upgrade

  • Save money on your energy bills with the H8095's efficient operation.
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