39TDV Top Vent Temco Fireplace 22,000 BTU

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Part Number
Part Number: 39TDV
Brand: Temco Fireplace Products
This specific Equipment Model or Replacement Part is No Longer Available to Allparts Equipment but may be found from others online sources.

39TDV Builder Top Vent Direct Gas Fireplace Heater Temco Fireplace Products. 22,000 BTU.

This model fireplace comes in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane and in Millivolt or Electric.

The 39TDV fireplace models come in the following:

  • 39TDVN - Natural Gas Millivolt Fireplace (22,000 BTU)
  • 39TDVP - Propane Millivolt Fireplace  (22,000 BTU)
  • 39TDVDSN - Natural Gas Fireplace 120 V (22,000 BTU)
  • 39TDVDSP - Propane Fireplace  120 V (22,000 BTU)

Inlet minimum: 4.5: w.c.

Inlet Maximum: 14.0" w.c.

Manifold Pressure: 3.5" w.c.

See owners manual for this 36TDV direct vent fireplace for more information.

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