27-3507 Replacement thermocouple
27-3507 Replacement thermocouple 27-3507 600 MM long 30MV thermocouple Thermocouple Kit 800MM with Spade Connector and 420MM Connector

27-3507 Thermocouple Kit 800MM with Spade Connector and 420MM Connector

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Part Number
Part Number: 27-3507
Shipping Weight: 0.5 Lbs

27-3507 Replacement thermocouple kit is a 2 piece kit with a 600 MM long 30MV thermocouple and a 420 MM connector wire that fits most dual fuel Kozy World, Comfort Glow, and Dyna-Glo brand wall heaters manufactured 2015-current.

May also fit select models of other brands.

For specific cross reference information, please consult the owner's manual for your heater.

The replacement thermocouple fits the following models:

Kozy World:

KWD154, KWD215, KWD258, KWD325, KWD378, KWD525, KWG362

Comfort Glow:

KWD155, KWD216, KWD259, KWD326, KWD379, KWD526, KWG363

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Replacement thermocouple for Kozy World, Comfort Glow, Dyna-Glo and other 2015 to current models.

Replacing old pilots may reduce pilot lighting problems and pilot outages.

Kozy World models - KWG362, KWD525, KWD378, KWD325, KWD258, KWD215, KWD154

Comfort Glow models - KWG363, KWD526, KWD379, KWD326, KWD259, KWD216, KWD155

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