60147 Pressure switch replacement part for overhead garage heater
60147 Pressure switch replacement part for overhead garage heater 60147 pressure switch spade connections 60147 pressure switch ports

60147 Pressure Switch Glee Ruler XHFY2004G 28" for Mr Heater Enerco Compact Unit Heaters

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Part Number
Part Number: 60147
Brand: Mr Heater, Enerco, HeatStar
Shipping Weight: 0.375 Lbs

60147 Pressure Switch for Mr Heater and Heatstar overhead garage heaters is a Glee Ruler XHFY2004G, rated at 0.28" of Water Column.

This 60147 is used for 50,000 BTU/HR garage and workshop Compact Unit Heaters using Natural Gas(NG) or Liquid Propane(LP) by Enerco.

The 60147 Pressure Switch fits the Mr. Heater Big Maxx model MHU50

The 60147 Pressure Switch fits the Heatstar model HSU50

This 60147 Pressure Switch was made by Glee Ruler under the part number XHFY2004G The pressure switch has the markings XHFY2004G (p=0.28 W.C) as well as a wiring diagram and voltage equation.

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Before Replacing the switch please take a minute to check these instructions that other customers have found helpful to get back up and running.

The very first question is always, is this connected properly?
Have the leads been reversed leads?
Has the hose barb on the exhaust blower fan been cleaned out?

  • These barbed fittings get clogged and will cause the switch not to operate.

I am getting a 3 flash code; does that mean my pressure switch is bad?

Most likely not, the pressure switch being faulty is the least likely issue.

We recommend that you please execute the following tests to try and eliminate all possibilities other than the switch.

First, pull the vacuum tube off the pressure switch and blow into it.
If it does not have good flow or no flow at all, then clean out the vacuum hose connector with a 5/64in drill bit.

If it is not that, then turn the heater on with the vacuum hose connected to the pressure switch.
Turn the thermostat on then Create Suction on the hose to create a vacuum and pinch the hose to keep the vacuum pressure. If the heater fires up, reconnect the hose to the hose connector on the vent motor.

Once that is done, if this shuts the heater down then you have something blocking your exhaust.

If after these steps the heater still does not function, then replace the pressure switch.

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