009737 Superior 009737 Robertshaw Replacement Natural Gas Millivolt

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009737 Superior RobertShaw Replacement Natural Gas Valve is the replacement Millivolt operation gas valve used with many Superior and Lennox fireplaces.

The 009737 Gas valve can be mounted in any position except upside down.
All models of the replacement 009737 Superior gas valve have a new 3 position outlet for easy mounting.

Specs: Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Inlet Size: 1/2
Outlet Size: 1/2
Capacity (BTU): 70000 to 112000
Pressure Reg Setting: 3.5 W.C. NAT.

GAS Application: Fireplaces and gas logs Sets.

009737 Robertshaw Gas Valve is a Natural gas replacement millivolt gas valve used on Superior IHP Lennox gas fireplaces.

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Superior 009737 Robertshaw Replacement Natural Gas Millivolt
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