SKY-WS Wall Mounted On/Off Millivolt Fireplace Control Rocker Switch Kit

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Part Number: SKY-WS
Shipping Weight: 0.9375 Lbs

Sky-WS Wall Mounted On/Off Fireplace Control rocker switch kit by Skytech systems.

This SKY-WS switch provides a wired ON/OFF control of a gas heating appliances and fireplaces from a wall mounted switch location.

This wall switch runs on standard 18 gauge wire that comes with the SKY-WS ON/OFF rocker switch to communicate to a standard millivolt valve, and can be placed up to 20 feet away from the fireplace.

The SKY-WS wall switch mounted manual control system was developed to provide a safe, reliable and user-friendly manual on/off control system for gas heating appliances including ventless gas logs fireplace systems, vent-free wall heaters, direct vent fireplace systems and other appliances using millivolt gas operating systems.

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The SKY-WS features and easy to use rocker style ON/OFF switch allows easy control of the fireplace or other appliance
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