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Part Number: 0630504
Brand: Eurosit Gas Control Valves
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The Eurosit 630504 Gas Control valve by Sit Controls is a multi-function valve that will provide a long life for your appliance using either Liquid Propane Gas LPG or Natural Gas NG.

This Eurosit 630504 Multi-Gas control valve has been used by many different manufacturers in producing various hearth products including Gas Logs, Vent-Free Wall Heaters, Ventless Fireplaces, Pedestal Stoves, and other vent-free hearth related products.

The SIT 630 Eurosit gas control valve is particularly for use with most gas hearth related heating applications as well as many other vent-free appliance applications.

The SIT 630 Eurosit does not require electrical supply and is suitable for operations in ambient temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

The 630 Series gas valve is available in a wide range of configurations. It is particularly suitable for use in vent free gas wall heaters, vent-free gas fireplaces, gas log sets, and many hearth appliances that require accurate temperature control without an external power supply.

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SIT Eurosit Gas Valve Model 0630504 also known as 0.630.504 , 630504 , 630.504

The 0630504 can be used to replaces SIT Model Numbers:

0630553 , 0.630.553 , 630553 , 630.553

0630555 , 0.630.555 , 630555 , 630.555

The 0630504 valve was also used by manufacturers under the following part numbers:

Desa International Reference Number:

098237-01 , 098237 01 , 09823701

098522-03 , 098522 03 , 09852203

098522-04 , 098522 04 , 09852204

101329-07 , 101329 07 , 10132907

101329-08 , 101329 08 , 10132908

Other Reference Numbers:

PE-0630504 , PE0630504, PE0630504-NAT

The 630 Series gas control valve is configured for both LPG and NG applications. See sit 630 eurosit instructions for more information.

The SIT 630 Eurosit Valve has the following features:

Control knob with positions for off, pilot and temperature selections
Thermo-electric flame supervision device with optional interlock
Pressure regulator or alternatively flow adjuster
Modulating an on-off thermostat
Pilot outlet with the pre-setting device of the gas flow
Inlet and Pilot Filters
Inlet and Outlet pressure test points
Side or bottom main gas inlet and outlet
Main gas connections with threaded 3/8 NPT pipe or suitable for compression nut fitting.

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