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Part Number: FA1022BK
Shipping Weight: 0.375 Lbs
The FA1022BK Rotor Kit is the heater's air pump assembly and consists of a rotor, rotor insert and four carbon blades rotating inside a pump ring body.

The FA1022BK consist of the following parts:

1 M22456-2 Rotor 5/8 .625 Thick X 2.115 Round Carbon
4 M8643-2 Carbon Blades .125 Thick x .625 Long x .595 Wide
1 M22009 Insert, Plastic Fits .0190 Shaft

The FA1022BK rotor is driven directly by the motor and is attached to the motor shaft by means of a plastic insert. As the motor rotates, the carbon blades travel outward rubbing against the inside surface of the steel pump body.

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Important Service Note:
The rotor blades used for the FA1022BK rotor are not as long as they are wide and can be installed incorrectly.
The blade/vane must be installed with the 5/8 .625 wide dimension matching the same thickness as the rotor. Failure to install the blade/vanes properly will result in a lack of air pump pressure and the inability for the heater to burn the fuel properly and reach operating temperature.

The rotor's position inside the pump body is such that it is not concentric with the pump body and a .003/.004 of an inch gap is set at the uppermost quadrant.

As the motor rotates, the air between the blades is compressed and routed to the nozzle through the air line.

The carbon rotor blades will wear out after time and cause the output filter to fill with carbon particles. Replacement of the output filter a
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