R7612 PILOT ASSEMBLY, TRI-FLAME, NG Natural Gas R7612 Natural Gas PILOT ASSEMBLY, TRI-FLAME, NG R7612 Gas PILOT ASSEMBLY, thermopile and thermocouple


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Part Number
Part Number: R7612
Brand: Empire American Hearth White Mountain
Shipping Weight: 1 Lbs
The Empire R7612 Pilot is an OEM Natural Gas complete pilot assembly used in various Empire Comfort Systems direct vent gas fireplaces, stoves, and gas log sets.

Empire Comfort Systems brands use this original equipment pilot assembly in many direct vent fireplaces, including American Hearth, Plaza, and White Mountain Hearth fireplaces.

It is a tri-flame pilot, meaning it has three flames coming out simultaneously to heat the thermocouple thermopile generator and ignite the burner.

The R7611 pilot assembly includes the pilot burner, thermocouple, thermopile generator, spark igniter, and tri-directional pilot hood.

This is the OEM component for the following partial list of Empire direct vent fireplaces that use the R7612 pilot assembly.

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The Empire R7612 OEM Pilot is made to the highest standards of Sit Controls Group and features:

Sit Controls Pilot with SIT Bracket Reference 654
Sit Controls Thermo-Generator Thermopile 750Mv.
Sit Controls Pilot Tube with Fittings.
Sit Controls Electrode and Ceramic Cable.
Sit Controls Thermocouple.
Sit Controls Natural Gas Pilot Orifice Injector

This Pilot ODS Assembly should only be ordered if this is the exact replacement part for your heater, as listed in your owner’s manual.

All appliance repairs should be made by a qualified certified HVAC technician with proper testing equipment.

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If you are having problems with your fireplace’s pilot assembly, it is essential to consult a qualified technician to perform and needed repairs.
They can diagnose the problem and replace the assembly if necessary.

The R7612 Empire Natural Gas Pilot will work on the partial list of the following models using Natural Gas for combustion.

American Hearth Gas Fireplaces:

  • Cast Iron Stove DV AH DVN-20,DVN30 CC, 30,70
  • Deluxe DV AH DVD 32,36,42,48
  • Deluxe DV Clean Face AH DVCD 32,36,42 FN 30,50N
  • Empire Cast Iron Stove Direct-Vent
  • Fireplace DV Insert AH DV(25,33,35)IN
  • Franklin Direct-Vent Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace Insert (DVC(20,26,28)IN)
  • Luxury DV AH (DVX(36,42)FN(3,5,7,9)
  • Luxury DV Gallery DVX(36,42)DN(51N, 91)
  • Madison Clean Face Premium See-Through (DVCP36SP)
  • Madison Clean-Face Premium Peninsula (DVCP36PP)
  • Madison Deluxe (DVD32FP, DVD36FN, DVD42FN, & DVD48FP)
  • Madison Luxury Fireplace (DVX36FN & DVX42FN)
  • Madison Multi-Sided DV Fireplace DVP36
  • Madison Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace DVCC
  • Madison Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace DVCP
  • Madison Premium Fireplace DVP36FN
  • Madison Premium Fireplace DVP42FN & DVP48FN
  • Premium Contemporary Clean Face AH DVCC 32,36,42
  • Premium DV 36 AH DVP36FN Versions 3,5,7,(
  • Premium Traditional Clean Face AH (DVCP 32,36,42)BP

White Mountain Hearth Gas Fireplaces:

  • Deluxe Clean Face WMH DVCD(32,36,42)FP(30,50N)
  • Deluxe Traditional WMH DVD(32,36,42,48)FP
  • DVX36FP93CLN-1
  • Empire Cast Iron Stove Direct-Vent (DVP_CC)
  • Fireplace DV Insert WMH DV(25,33,35)IN(33L,73L)
  • Innsbrook Direct-Vent Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace Inserts
  • Luxury DV Studio DVX(36,42)DP(31,51,71,91)
  • Premium Contemporary Clean Face WMH (DVCC 32,36)BP
  • Premium Traditional Clean Face WMH (DVCP 32,36,42)BP
  • Premium Traditional WMH DVP(42,48)FP(3,5,9)
  • Premium Traditional WMH DVP36FP(3,5,7,9)
  • Tahoe Clean-Face Premium Peninsula (DVCP36PP)
  • Tahoe Deluxe (DVD32FP, DVD36FP, DVD42FP, DVD48FP)
  • Tahoe Deluxe Clean-Face Fireplace (DVCD_FP)
  • Tahoe Luxury Fireplace (DVX36FP & DVX42FP)
  • Tahoe Multi-Sided DV Fireplace DVP36(PP,SP)32E(N,P)
  • Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Contemporary Fireplace
  • Tahoe Premium Clean-Face Traditional Fireplace (DVCP_BP)
  • Tahoe Premium Fireplace (DVP36FP)
  • Tahoe Premium Fireplace (DVP42FP & DVP48FP)

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The R7612 pilot assembly works by first igniting the pilot burner tri-directional hood. The thermocouple then generates a voltage that opens the gas valve safety circuit, allowing the pilot to stay on, This allows for the pilot control knob to be turned to the on position of the gas valve. After 3 minutes of the pilot running, the thermopile generates enough voltage to power the gas valve primary circuit, allowing gas to flow into the main burner and ignite the appliance.