Pump assembly with CPR
Pump assembly with CPR

447-4523 Pump assembly with CPR

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Part Number: 447-4523
Shipping Weight: 355 Lbs
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447-4533 DV Systems DeVair series four cylinder two stage air compressor pump feature cast-iron construction and is a slow RPM pump making this an ideal air compressor pump for demanding industrial environments.

This 447-4533 Series four cylinder 2 stage pump is precision-machined, honed, manufactured & assembled in Canada and comes with a 7 year limited warranty...

Solid, Cast-Iron Cylinders
 • Minimizes Distortion from Assembly Torque & Heat.
 • Precision-Machined Cylinder Walls Honed to reduce Friction & minimize Oil Carry-Over & Friction.
 • Extra deep fins provide increased cooling & strength.


Balanced Pistons
 • Heat-Treated & Stress-Relieved Connecting Rods Cast from Ductile Iron & Assembled with Babbit Bearings Increase Durability & Reduce Wear on the Crankshaft.
 • High-Pressure, Cast-Iron Pistons withstand extreme forces. Low-Pressure Pistons made from aluminum alloy.
 • Extra wide compression rings designed to work seamlessly with the oil control rings & scraper.

Balanced Crankshaft
 • Ensures smooth, extended-life operation.
 • Precision-ground journals furnished with inserts for long, trouble-free operation.
 • Tapered shaft for reliable & effective transmission.

Balanced Flywheel
 • Airfoil-type spokes provide continuous, cooling air flow.
 • Smooth, Vibrationless Operation.

Quiet, Quick Acting Valves
 • Machined, carbon-steel valves balance air passages & structural integrity.
 • Hardened carbon steel valve guides & stainless steel disc valves and springs
 • Individually tested & easily serviced.

Cool Cylinder Head
 • Quick Cooling, Deep, Directional Fins.
 • Fast, efficient flow of cooler intake air due to compact, streamlined air passages in the cylinder head.

Load Free Starting
 • 10 HP & 15 HP Equipped with centrifugal pressure release (CPR) allowing the motor to start before a pressure load is applied to the pump.

Short Stroke Design
 • Large bore, short-stroke & slow operating speeds improves life expectancy & provides high air delivery.

Air Receivers
 • CRN & ASME Approved.
 • Maximum working pressure: 200 PSI
 • Complete with pressure gauge & CRN & ASME Approved safety valve.

Manifold Assembly
 • Two Pressure Switches Factory Pre-Set to Operate at 115/150 PSI (792.9/1034.kPa) Cut-In/Cut-Out
 • Maximum Operating Pressure Adjustable to 175 PSI (1206.6 kPa)

Ball Bearings
 • Oversized, Heavy load capacity ball bearings ensures a free-running crankshaft.
 • Lubricated from the crankcase, requiring no maintenance.

Deep-Finnned Cast-Iron Intercooler
Enhances heat dissipation between compression stages.

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