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Part Number: CAC-4336
Shipping Weight: 1.2 Lbs
The CAC-4336 Pressure Switch is a preset 95-125 PSI Air Compressor Duty Rated diaphragm actuation automatic pressure switch.
This CAC-4336 CAC-4336 Standard Action Pressure Switch was used on both single and 3 phase air compressors ranging from 1.5 HP motors to 6.5HP single phase motors.
The Z-CAC-4336 Pressure switch comes preset to a cut on PSI of 95 and a cut out pressure of 125PSI but does have the ability to be adjusted if needed for lower pressure applications>
The CAC-4336 Air Compressor Duty rated pressure switch was used by many different brands of air compressors including DeVilbiss, Charge Air, Porter Cable, Sears Craftsman and several others.

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The CAC-4336 Pressure Switch was used of the following list of Air Compressors as well as many other privately labeled units:
Sears Craftsman Air Compressor Models:
919.175960 919175960

ACBL320 Type 0
ACBL320 Type 1
AFL2512 Type 0
AFL2512 Type 1
AFL2512 Type 2
AFL2512 Type 3
AFL2520 Type 0
AFL2520 Type 1
AFL2520 Type 2
AFL2520 Type 3
AFL320 Type 0
AFL320 Type 1
AFL320 Type 2
AFL320 Type 3
IR35E20AD Type 1
IR35E20AD Type 2
IR5E20AD Type 1
IR5E20AD Type 2
IRC5E20AD Type 1
IRC5E20AD Type 2
L2512 Type 0
L2512 Type 1
L2512 Type 2
L2512 Type 3
L2520 Type 0
L2520 Type 2
L2520 Type 3
L2520 Type 4
L320 Type 0
L320 Type 1
L320 Type 2
L320 Type 3
RA5E20AD Type 1
RA5E20AD Type 2
RAC5E20AD Type 1
RAC5E20AD Type 2
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