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Part Number: 107486-01
Shipping Weight: 0.375 Lbs
107486-01 Pilot ODS assembly was used by DESA on many of the Liquid Propane vent free gas wall heaters as well as vent-free gas log set.

The 107486-01 Pilot is a complete assembly and comes with the thermocouple as part of the LPG8431 Pilot ODS Assembly.

This 107486-01 and LPG8431 was also used by various other fireplace and gas heater manufactures including Comfort Glow, Vanguard, Glow Warm as well as others.

The 107486-01 can also be used to replace LPG8403 and LPG8401 but will require a compression fitting kit part number X61CA-3 for the replacement of the LPG8401 Pilot ODS assembly.

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