215A-0026-00 PCB assembly for Kerosene forced air heaters

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215A-0026-00 Original Manufactures Replacement Main PCB Control Board and is the same as the 215A002600 PCB Control Board.

This is the replacement Main Control Board was used by GHP and DuraHeat on many of their privately labeled portable heaters.

When using the new 215A-0026-00 Control Board you will no longer use the old thermistor wire that was plugged into CN6 as this new style replacement board has a built-in temperature sensor on the board.

This Control Board can be used on the following 2008-2010 65K and larger units:

Dyna Glo , DFA75T , DFA125T , DFA170C , DFA170T , DFA210C ,

Dura Heat: KFA65T , KFA65t PRO , KFA65WH-03 , KFA75DGD , KFA75H , KFA75L

This is an original equipment replacement control board and required care when being installed.

Install board in a static free environment with all power sources disconnected as any type of short to ground will permanently damage the PCB board.

Take care as to where the wires are to go on the new board when removing them from your old board.
We suggest taking a photo before removing your wires from the old board.

This control board is a NON -RETURNABLE item once the package has been opened.

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PCB assembly for Kerosene forced air heaters
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