7106701 quick connect outlet connector
7106701 quick connect outlet connector 7106701 10.0GA13 9.4GA13 AAA pump 7106701 replacement outlet fitting 7106701 C40 AAA pump quick connect outlet 7106701 O-Ring placement for quick connect fitting.


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Part Number
Part Number: 7106701
Compatible Brands: AAA, Delco, DeWalt, Excell, OEM Solutions, Simpson
Shipping Weight: 0.5 Lbs

7106701 is a replacement 3/8 quick-connect outlet fitting used on C40 series AAA pumps.

This replacement part is designed to fit directly onto your pump’s high-pressure water outlet and comes with pre-installed O-rings for a tight, leak-free seal. 

Our Simpson outlet fitting is made from durable brass and engineered to OEM specifications, ensuring a direct fit replacement.

The 7106701 Includes the following O-Rings:

7106699 O-Ring 1 per Fitting

7106702 O-Ring 1 per Fitting

7106700 O-Ring 2 Per Fitting

These O-Ring will be preinstalled on this component.

Service Note:

The Outlet Connector has O-rings that do not require any type of sealing tape.

We suggest that you use a light lubricant grease on the O-rings before installation of the new quick-connect outlet fitting.

We take pride in offering quality replacement parts, and we recommend looking for the Simpson brand name to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

With basic hand tools, you can remove your old connector and install this new outlet fitting in just minutes.

As always, before placing your order, please verify your pump’s model number to make sure it's compatible.

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