HA3024 Nozzle kit with sleeve

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Part Number: HA3024
Brand: Reddy heater portable heaters
Shipping Weight: 0.25 Lbs

The 100735-17 Nozzle Kit is a low pressure that atomizes the fuel being delivered to the combustion chamber.

Air being blown by the fan is directed by the air deflectors into the combustion chamber through the two louvers and center opening in the rear head which is riveted to the back of the combustion chamber.
The nozzle and nozzle adapter are mounted in the burner strap which is fastened to the rear head. As the atomized fuel exits the nozzle and is ignited it mixes with the air entering through the rear head.
The combustion process is completed inside the combustion chamber and the hot air exits the outlet end of the chamber.
The proper nozzle must be used for the correct heater in order to provide the correct atomization of the fuel that is being delivered to the nozzle by the air pump, due to so many different heaters sizes there are several nozzle available for many different heaters and many different flow rates. Please make sure to order and install the correct nozzle for your heater.

As mentioned previously, the purpose of the air pump is to compress air and deliver it to the nozzle. The compressed air, as it travels through the nozzle, creates a negative pressure that extends back through the center of the nozzle. This negative pressure lifts the fuel from the fuel tank.
The fuel from the fuel tank and the compressed air are mixed at the nozzle which results in a very fine mist of fuel being sprayed into the combustion chamber. The air pump/nozzle combination eliminates the need for a conventional type fuel pump.
It is important for the service technician to understand the nozzle operation. In many cases concerning improper operation of a heater, the problem is the result of low air pump pressure or restricted fuel flow die to dirty fuel or air filters.

Always make sure to check the plastic pump end cover for any cracks or damage that would allow air to escape and not be directed to the nozzle. It is very common after time or from over tightening the plastic pump end cover for the cover to develop a crack. This small crack can prevent your heater from starting properly and running properly.

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Nozzle kit with sleeve
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