70-021-0400 Motor for Protemp, Master, Remington and other Portable Heaters 215,000 BTU

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Part Number
Part Number: 70-021-0400
Brand: Master Remington ProTemp
Shipping Weight: 6 Lbs
This item is NOT currently in stock and will be shipped as soon as possible. Typical lead times are 5-10 business days for common stock items that are pictured and 15-25 business days for non stock and special orders. Please email customer service for specific details if required at

The 70-021-0400 Round Style Motor and Pump Assembly has been replaced by the new style square body style motor.

This replacement motor is just the motor and not the complete Motor-Pump assembly-See Photos

You will need to order the New Motor 70-021-0500 with the new Mounting Bracket, rotor and filter kit to complete the replacement of the old style round motor.

The 70-021-0400 Replacement motor can be used on Pinnacle Products International kerosene and diesel portable forced air residential heaters and portable construction heater.

Pinnacle Products International Pro-Temp Models:

Pinnacle Products International Heat-Hog(Remington) Models:

Pinnacle Products International Master Models:

Pinnacle Products International Dayton/Grainger Models:
3VE52A(215K T)
3VE52B(215K T)

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