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520899 Module Board by Synetek Controls is the newest electronic ignition control for the Dynavent, Suburban, Williams, and Suburban Air wall furnaces.

This new 520899 Module board Synetek Model DH21070A will need a new wiring harness if you are upgrading from an older Dynavent series heater.

The correct Wiring Harness needs to be ordered depending on the size of the heater:

Allparts Equipment is No Longer providing technical service for the Dynavent and Suburban Aire line of through-the-wall gas furnaces as they have been purchased MarVair and Airxcell owned company.

All parts and service question will need to be directed to the following phone number or email addresses.

MarVair Customer Service Phone: (229) 273-3636

Email Customer Service marvaircustserv@airxcel.com

Email Technical Service marvairtechsupport@airxcel.com

Need Help? Call us:


The 520899 will require a new wiring harness when used on older style wall furnaces.

The 520896 and the 520896 wire harness kits are available as a separate parts and should be replaced at the same time as the ignition module.

The 520899 will fits the following models:

Dnyavent and Suburban Heater Models:
DNV25NB25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV25PB25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV40NB 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
DNV40PB 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace

SuburbanAire Models:
SA25 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA25N 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA25P 25,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40N 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace
SA40P 40,000 BTUDirect Vent Wall Furnace

Williams Heater Models:
Wall Furnace 2503532 25,000 BTU Window Wall Furnace
Wall Furnace 4003532 40,000 BTU Window wall Furnace

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