MK-447 maintenance kit dv systems
MK-447 maintenance kit dv systems

MK-447 Maintenance Kit DV Systems 447 2 Stage 4 Cylinder Pumps

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Part Number
Part Number: MK-447
Shipping Weight: 18 Lbs
The MK-447, MK447 DV Systems maintenance kit is for regular preventative maintenance on your air compressor pump and is critical to long life and trouble free operation of any air compressor

DV Systems Maintenance Kits will assist with the recommended quarterly maintenance of all DeVair and DV Systems air compressors.

The MK-447, MK447 Maintenance Kit with the following items:

1 - 4 liters / 140 fluid ounces of PR-20-4 Premium Mineral Oil
2 - Air Filter 357-9701

The DV Systems PR-20-4 Premium Mineral Oil is specially formulated for DV Systems heavy duty cast iron air compressor pumps and is recommended for best performance at operating temperatures below 38 Degrees Celsius or 100 Degrees Fahrenheit.

The PR-20-4 DV Systems Premium Mineral Compressor Oil meets DV Systems warranty specifications, reduces carbon build up on the valves and head and reduces corrosion inside of the pump and oil cavities.

The MK-447 Maintenance Kit can be used with the following series of DeVair, DV System oil lubricated air compressor pumps:

447 Series Air Compressor Pump

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DV Systems provides official maintenance oil kits specifically formulated for DV Systems Reciprocating (Piston) HDI Series Compressors. In order to comply with DV warranty policies, DV products must be serviced and maintained with official DV service parts and maintenance kits, and adhere to the appropriate DV maintenance schedule as indicated in the manual accompanying the unit.
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