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Part Number: F1078
Brand: Astria Fireplaces
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F1078 IHP Lennox Thermostatically Controlled Remote Kit can be used to replace several different style remote kits including the following:MRC, TRC, TRX50A, TRX50-A, HRC, CGHRC1, HRC100, HRC200, CGHRCB, CGHRC4 as well as several others remote systems use for various manufactures using any millivolt controls gas valves.

The F1078 remote control system was developed to provide a safe, reliable and user-friendly remote control system for millivolt powered gas heating appliances including vent-less gas logs fireplace systems, vent-free wall heaters, direct vent fireplace systems and other appliances using millivolt gas operating systems.

This all battery remote controlled system operates independently of household current, the system operates on radio frequencies with a non directional RF signal.

This IHP lennox Thermostatically Controlled Remote offers the user a battery-operated remote control that operates most millivolt gas valves used in some heater rated gas logs, gas fireplaces and other gas heating appliances.

This IHP Lennox branded remote kit from Skytech Thermostatically Controlled Remote also offers the following features:

All battery operated Remote and Receiver
Radio Frequency Operated
4-button ON/OFF/Mode/Set transmitter with fingerprint resistant hard surface. Flame Icon Display
Low Battery Indicator Receiver with learn function

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