J7906 Digital Fireplace Burner Control Proflame Proflame1 DFC 10FFRT

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J7906 Digital Fireplace Burner Control was used for the IHP Proflame series direct vent fireplaces.

The new replacement DFC will have the 0.584.622 or 0.584.622 Number on the controls now as a running change was made by the manufacturer.

This digital fireplace control measures approximately 5 3/16 x 3 3/16 total width x total height.

1 DFC - 10FFRT series controls used on the IHP Merit Plus Gas Fireplaces. As well as the following fireplace models below.

IHP Gas Fireplaces:

  • MPDP35IN
  • MPD35CNE
  • MPD35RNE
  • MPD40CNE
  • MPD40RNE
  • MPD45RNE
  • MPDP35IP
  • MPDP40IN
  • MPDP40IP

Signature Gas Fireplaces:

  • SYM-35N SYM-35P
  • SYM-40N SYM-40P
  • SYM-45N SYM-45P

Astria Gas Fireplaces:

  • Sirius42TEN
  • Sirius42TEP
  • Sirius54TEN
  • Sirius54TEP

Superior Gas Fireplaces:

  • SLBV35NE-2
  • SLBV40NE-2

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