M50059 Ignition transformer

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Part Number
Part Number: M50059
Brand: Remington tools and heaters
Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs

M50059 Ignition Kit is the most current version replacement ignition transformer used to generate continuous spark for the portable air heaters made by Desa International.

This Pro Parts Plus replacement M50059 Ignition Kit is designed to replace the FRANCE Transformers including all 5 SAY Series Ignition Transformer.

The M50059 has the following specifications:

Gas Ignition Power Supply:

  • Primary : 120 Volts / 60 hertz 35VA
  • Secondary: 6KV, 15kVP 30mA
  • 16 inch Secondary Power Lead red and White
  • 36 inch Spark Plug lead


If the Original France 5 Say Transformer Ignition kit is need the 102482-03 Ignition Transformer will need to be ordered.

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This M50059 replacement part is used in both High and Low pressure portable heaters manufactured by DESA International and private labeled for the following list of companies under some of the following brand names and sold at the following stores or retailers.

Sold at the following stores:

Home Depot, Mennards, Lowes, Sears, Ace Hardware, Builders Square, Cosco, Sams Club, Walmart, WW Grainger, Portable Heater Parts, Master Distributors, Northern Hydraulics, NBMC, Sears, M & S Service Company Inc, FMConline, World Marketing and many other.

Sold as the following:

Craftsman, Reddy heaters, Heat Star, Knipco, Dayton, Desa International, Master Portable heater, Universal Heaters, All-Pro, John Deere, Amoco, Koehring, Co-Op, Remington Kerosene and Diesel Heaters, Remington, Cenex, and other private label names.

The M50059 transformer fits the following:

Please check your manual for compatibility. This transformer part fits more model numbers than listed.

Master Heater Model #:

  • B30
  • B30C
  • B50A
  • B50B
  • B50D with Square End Cover
  • B50E
  • BV60S
  • B66D Round & Square End Cover
  • B99
  • B100
  • B100A
  • B110
  • BV125
  • B140/D
  • B150 Series
  • B150F
  • B150FT
  • B150G
  • B165
  • B165T
  • B200
  • B350
  • B600
  • B600A

Reddy Heater Models:

  • R30
  • R35
  • R35A
  • R35B
  • M50S
  • R50
  • R50A
  • R55
  • M66D/ROUND
  • R70
  • R70A
  • R70CT
  • M85D
  • R100
  • R100B
  • R110
  • M150D
  • M150S
  • R150
  • MARK150D
  • R155
  • R200
  • RM200T

Remington Portable heater Models:

  • REM50
  • REM50A
  • REM50B
  • REM55-W
  • REM100
  • REM110A
  • REM150
  • REM155
  • REM165
  • REM200
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