E103495 Green Spacer Gasket CGSKT-015-SMPL-N8090
E103495 Green Spacer Gasket CGSKT-015-SMPL-N8090

CGSKT-015-SMPL-N8090 Green Spacer Gasket .015 Thickness

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Part Number
Part Number: CGSKT-015-SMPL-N8090
Brand: Black & Decker
Shipping Weight: 0.8125 Lbs

The CGSKT-015-SMPL Green Spacer Gasket was used with the E103495 Piston Kits to crete proper spacing between the top of the piston and the bottom of the valve plate.

The CGSKT-015-SMPL Green spacer gasket can be used with the following connecting Rod Kits:

E103495 Porter Cable Piston Kits
5140240-52 DeWalt Piston Kits
E106122 Husky Piston Kits
5140186-75 DeWalt Oil Free Piston Kits

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Service Note:  The correct color codes spacer gasket must be used when completing the repair of your oil free air compressor pump for proper function and to prevent damage from occurring. These specific colored “spacers gaskets” are used to control the proper clearance between the connecting rod cap and the valve plate in the compressor pump assembly. It some cases BOTH spacer gaskets may need to be used.  If your original oil free compressor pump previously had a single-colored spacer in place, then you will need to use the same color spacer from this service kit.  Each kit comes with two colored spacer gaskets with the following specifications.  Green Spacer Gasket approximately .012 - 0.15” in thickness. Grey Spacer Gasket approximately .035 - 0.39” in thickness. These colored gasket spacers when use is required are intended to be placed between the top of the pump casting and the cylinder sleeve. The lip of the cylinder must sit on top of the colored spacer gasket to create the proper clearance.  *Important Note* If the incorrect spacer gasket is used or if you place them on top of the cylinder sleeve instead of under it, the con-rod cap could possibly strike the bottom of the valve plate assembly and cause server damage.  During reassembly it is always recommended to “Rotate the pump by hand” before the final tightening of the compressor head. This will insure proper piston rod to valve plate clearance has been achieved and that there is no binding of any reassembled components prior to the air compressor being plugged in and turning at the high RPM’s incurred and thus preventing any permanent damage.