F1832 880 Proflame Electronic Gas Valve LP Gas - Only fits Lennox IHP

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Part Number
Part Number: F1832
Shipping Weight: 10 Lbs
The F1832 Gas Valve is a Proflame 880 Series Electronic Propane Gas valve for Lennox, IHP, Superior and other brands of gas stoves, fireplaces, and inserts.

Please verify the code of your current of your valve before ordering.

This F1832 Gas Valve is for Propane Gas only with the following specifications:

Sit 880 Proflame Series
Fixed Pressure Modulator
Drop-out current Greater than 125mA with coil resistance 0.018± 0.003
Gas type L.P  Gas Only- Propane
Manual Pressure set-point 10” w.c. ± 0.3
Propane Gas Inlet 3/8 in. NPT
Propane Gas Outlet 3/8 in. NPT
Maximum LP  Propane inlet pressure 1/2 PSIG Ambient operating
temperature 32° to 175° F
Maximum @ 1 in. w.c. pressure drop 100,000 BTU per hour Regulation capacity 5,000 to 195,000 BTU AP per hour

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