Pressure Switch Replacement Upgrade Kit 140-175 4 Port
Pressure Switch Replacement Upgrade Kit 140-175 4 Port Z-D26613 SWITCH, PRESSURE 4 PORT 140-175 wiring diagram

Z-D26613 Pressure Switch Replacement Upgrade Kit 140-175 4 Port

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Part Number
Part Number: Z-D26613
Shipping Weight: 3 Lbs

Z-D26613 Pressure Switch has been discontinued from the manufacture as a replacement part. from Furnas Hubble and replaced with a double contact switch using only one side of the contact.

See Photos of the "Old Style" switch vs the "New Style" 4 port 140 Cut In 175 PSI Cut Out pressure Switch with Instructions.


This newest version D26613 Four Port Switch with Unloader will be wired by using just the Black wire form the power cord to the L2 position on the pressure switch and the Black wire from the motor to the T2 position on the pressure switch.

The White wire with the male spade from the power cord will still be connected directly to the White wire with the female connector.

The green wires from both the power cord and the motor will be connect to the grand screws inside the new pressure switch.

Some model with square molded connections will need to have the connector replaced with the new style connector included in the replacement kit.

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