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Part Number: AC-0263
Brand: Sears Craftsman Equipmet
Shipping Weight: 1 Lbs
The AC-0263 Connecting Rod with cylinder sleeve replacement kit by DeVilbiss Air Power Products and used by Sears Craftmas compressors includes the most current style coated cylinder sleeve and will allow for just the replacement of the cylinder sleeve in the future.  

This AC-0263 Connecting Rod replacement kit fits many of the Sears Craftsman Oil-Free air compressors originally made by DeVilbiss Air Power Company.

This AC-0263 also is the replacement for the CAC-249, CAC-249-1, CAC-249-2 and CAC-249-3 Sears Connecting Rod Kits

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The approximate connecting rod dimensions are as follows:
Connecting rod length: 5.80 inches.
Connecting rod thickness: .495 inches.
Connecting rod width: 1.05 inches.
Rod Cap: 2.240 inches.

The approximate cylinder dimensions are as follows:
Inside Diameter 2.365 inches.
Outside Diameter 2.465 inches.
Outside Shoulder: 2.950 inches.
Total Height: 1.985 inches.
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