AQ000028 pilot for vent free gas heater
AQ000028 pilot for vent free gas heater AQ000028 Natural Gas Pilot assembly AQ000028 thermocouple replacement for gas heater AQ000028

AQ000028 Pilot ODS Assembly Natural Gas 800 MM Thermocouple Female Spade

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Part Number
Part Number: AQ000028
Brand: Dyna-Glo
Shipping Weight: 0.375 Lbs

The AQ000028 Pilot Assembly is a Natural Gas Pilot assembly with a 800MM Thermocouple that connects with a female spade connector and was used GHP, Dyna-Glo, Superior and other brands of Natural Gas wall heaters and log sets.

 AQ000028 ODS Pilot Assembly  will fit the following models:

  • BF10DTDG-1
  • BF20DTDG-1
  • BF30DTDG-1
  • GBF30DTDG-1

  • BF10DTDG-2
  • BF20DTDG-2
  • BF30DTDG-2
  • GBF30DTDG-2

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