90L73 Touch-Up Spray Paint 12oz Can FTPK-B Black Satin

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Part Number: 90L73
Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs
90L73 Touch Up Spray Paint is a 12oz aerosol can of Black Lennox IHP Touch-Up stove paint.

The 90L73 is a high temperature black paint for fireplaces and stoves specifically made for high-heat environments.

This paint is black in color.

Before spraying the paint, clean the surface of any residue with a soot remover or similar cleaner such as Simple Green.

Spray light coats evenly back and forth with overlapping pattern.
Let the paint dry in between each coat... be "patient" or you will get streaks inside your firebox or stove.

This process typically takes several light coats to make it look even and complete.

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