700-093 Thermocouple OEM 24 inch thermocouple
700-093 Thermocouple OEM 24 inch thermocouple 24 inch thermocouple 700-093 coiled SIT thermocouple showing flattened tubing to retain fixing nut. 700-093 24 Inch Thermocouple for Kozy Heat

700-093 SIT Thermocouple with Fitting Nut | 24-inch

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Part Number
Part Number: 700-093
Brand: Kozy Heat
Shipping Weight: 0.25 Lbs

700-093 is an OEM thermocouple used in SIT Control Pilot ODS assemblies for fireplaces, gas log sets, pedestal stoves and other hearth products made by Kozy Heat.

This 24-inch thermocouple has a stamped flat spot to prevent the fixing nut from sliding up the thermocouple's copper shaft.

This manufacturer’s flattened spot is also where the OEM part number is stamped.


No gas passes through the thermocouple line

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