199894GS Mounting bolt kit from Briggs and Stratton
199894GS Mounting bolt kit from Briggs and Stratton Pressure washer mounting bolt kit assembled 199894GS Mounting bolts and sealing washers for pressure washer pump

199894GS Unloader Banjo Bolt Mounting Kit

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Part Number: 199894GS
Shipping Weight: 0.4375 Lbs
The 199894GS Mounting bolt kit from Briggs and Stratton is designed for use with AR North America high-pressure triplex plunger power washer pumps.

This kit fits XM and RK series unloaders from Annovi Reverberi that operate at pressures of 3850 PSI and below. It includes a lower steel unloader bolt and an upper brass unloader bolt.

The 199894GS is specifically made to mount compatible AR unloaders onto AR Triplex plunger pumps.

This OEM mounting bolt set allows you to properly remount a replacement unloader or reinstall your existing unloader after pump service. Designed to stand up to high-pressure applications.

Always verify that your AR pump and unloader models are compatible before ordering.

The 199894GS comes complete with the two bolts and sealing washers needed for a straightforward installation using basic hand tools.

You can restore peak performance to your pressure washer or misting system with a fresh set of AR unloader mounting bolts.

Don’t risk leaks or damage with makeshift hardware - use genuine OEM parts for your best performance results.

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