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Part Number: 12050011
Shipping Weight: 8 Lbs

12050011 Combustion Blower Assembly with housing and components including snap switch and is also referred to as the exhaust blower on many pellet stoves.

This OEM Ihp combustion blower was used on various model of pellet stoves.

The 12050011 replacement combustion blower with housing includes the following items:

61050005 Blower Housing Gasket
12057601 Low Limit Switch Use Only on the Qwest Plus model Pellet Stove

This 12050011 Combustion Blower replacement kit fits the following models of Pellet Stoves

Whitfield Pellet Stoves:

Traditions T300P - (P11)

Traditions T301P - (P11)

Traditions T305P - (P11)

Traditions T308P - (P11)

Optima 2 FS - (AO2)

Optima 3 FS - (AO2)

Optima 3 INS - (AO3)

Profile 20 FS - (P9)

Profile 20 FS-2 - (P9)

Profile 30 FS - (P10)

Profile 30 FS-2 - (P10)

Profile 30 INS - (P10)

Profile 30 INS-2 - (P10)

Quest Plus FS - (WP4)

Quest Plus INS - (WP4)

Please check your pellet stove manual for specific part numbers before placing your order.

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Service Note:

12057601 Low Limit Switch is used only for the Quest Plus models.

All other listed pellet stove models use a photocell part number 13-1000 instead of the 12057601 Low Limit Switch.

The 13-1000 is sold separately from the combustion blower kit.

The low limit switch is not used on all other models and will remain in place after installation 

The switch being left in place does not effect installation or the operation of the new combustion blower kit

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