102482-03 Ignition Transformer France 5 SAY Series Ignition Kit 29VA

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Part Number
Part Number: 102482-03
Shipping Weight: 2 Lbs

The 102482-03 Ignition Kit is the Original France 5 SAY Ignition Transformer used to generate spark for the portable forced air heaters made by Desa International.

The 102482-03 has the following specifications:

Gas Ignition Power Supply:
Primary : 120 Volts / 60 hertz 29VA
Secondary: 6KV, 15kVP 30mA
Main Lead: 37 Inches
Power Leads: 14 Inches

The Aftermarket Ignition kit is the 102482-04 and will replace the France 5 SAY Series Ignition Kits

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