1001TH-A Remote Transmitter Only from Skytech

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Part Number: 1001TH-A
Brand: Fireplace and Stove components by IHP
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This 1001TH-A is The Transmitter Only for a Skytech On/Off Remote with room temperature feature.

This is just the transmitter pictured in the listing and not a complete remote kit.

This Skytech remote model is designed to operate with all "Millivolt" ignition operating systems.
Meaning you unit must have a Thermopile as part of your pilot to supply millivolts to the gas valve.

It remote transmitter may be installed and used for either natural gas or propane gas appliances.

The Skytech remotes offer ease of installation and allows you to execute on-off commands to the fireplace effortlessly with one simple motion.

The complete remote system would be the TRC and that will allow the unit to be used in a thermostatic mode but does not have a timer.

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