099440-05 pilot ods natural gas New Style
099440-05 pilot ods natural gas New Style 099440-05 replacement pilot assembly for gas sets Side view of old style thermocouple Top view of old style thermocouple

099440-05 Pilot ODS Assembly Natural Gas with Thermocouple New Style

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Part Number
Part Number: 099440-05
Brand: Desa Vanguard Glow Warm Comfort Glow
Shipping Weight: 0.4375 Lbs

The 099440-05 Natural Gas Pilot ODS assembly is the new style replacement kit part number for the discontinued 098244-01, 098244-03, and 099440-01 Natural Gas Pilot ODS assemblies used by DESA International.

This 099440-05 Pilot ODS assembly was used on many of the Vent-Free wall heaters made by DESA International and privately labeled under the Vanguard, Glow Warm, Comfort Glow, and other names.

Some older units that used the Sourdillon Pilot ODS assembly with female threads may require a 3/16 compression nut and sleeve to be attached to the old pilot tube in order to connect the pilot tube to the new assembly.

We also have the new style pilot tubes available as a related item in a 19-inch and 28-inch version to fit most Desa vent-free heaters.

Here are some additional details about the 099440-05 Natural Gas Pilot ODS assembly:

It is made for Natural Gas applications.
It has a 33-inch thermocouple.
It comes with a new ceramic igniter and thermocouple pre-installed.
It may require a new 19-inch and 28-inch pilot tube for the replacement of the older style Sourdillon pilot with the female pilot tube connections.

If you are replacing the pilot assembly in your vent-free wall heater, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. 

Please make sure that the replacement assembly is compatible with your heater.

The 099440-05 Pilot Assembly will replace the Desa Pilot ODS assemblies.
098244-01 Pilot ODS
098244-03 Pilot ODS
099440-01 Pilot ODS


This pilot assembly is for use with natural gas only.

This Pilot ODS Assembly should only be ordered if this is the exact replacement part for your heater, as listed in your owner’s manual.

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