0.199.706 Pilot Assembly with 3 Way Tri Flame Hood Natural Gas Sit Controls

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Part Number
Part Number: 0.199.706
Shipping Weight: 0.875 Lbs

The 0.199.706 Pilot assembly is a Natural Gas Tri Flame top mount pilot containing the 3 Way top-convertible pilot hood with preinstalled Pilot Orifice.

This pilot comes assembled with the thermocouple, thermo-generator, electrode with cable, and pilot tube with fixing nut.

The 0.199.706, 0199706, and 199706 Natural Gas Tri Directional pilot assemblies have the following specifications:

SIT Controls Pilot with SIT Bracket Reference 652 with primary air hole below the bracket.
SIT Controls Thermo-Generator Thermopile 750Mv with 23” lead wire and attached 7/16” – 27 UNS fixing nut
SIT Controls Pilot Tube 1/8” diameter aluminum tubing with 24” overall length, with attached ferrule and 7/16” – 24 UNS-2B valve fixing nut.
SIT Controls Electrode and Ceramic Cable
SIT Controls Thermocouple with attached fixing nut Length is 600mm and the connecting nut is 11/32”
SIT Controls Natural Gas Pilot Orifice Injector

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