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AC-0007 REGULATOR 4 PORT P1 x 1/4 P2 x 1/8

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Part Number
Part Number: AC-0007
Brand: DeVilbiss Air Compressor and Equipment
Shipping Weight: 0.625 Lbs

AC-0007 Regulator is a 4 port regulator Sears Craftsman with the 1/4 inlet and 1/4 outlet ports for airflow.

The AC-0007 also has the ability to capture both tank pressure and line pressure through the two 1/8 inch ports on either side of the regulator.

This regulator was used on many of the Sears Craftsman and DeVilbiss portable air compressors.

See Service Note for Installation of New Style AC-0007

We show the old style AC-0007 in the listing to help identify your old regulators but there has been a running change and the new Square Body style is what will be sent for all replacement AC-0007 Regulator orders placed after 01-01-2020.

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Service Note:
In some cases, the new style AC-0007 Regulator may be too tall to allow the regulator to be installed without hitting the air compressor tank.

If this is the case with your installation you will need to simply remove the “Black Adjusting Knob” from the regulator with the following procedure.

1) Remove the Mounting Rind from the Regulator turning the mounting ring counterclockwise until it is removed from the threads of Black the regulator knob.

2) Turn the Black adjusting knob counterclockwise to expose the flat spots on each side of the regulator mounting threads.

3) Place the Silver regulator metal body into a vise and secure metal regulator body being careful not to damage any threads of the metal regulator body.

4) With a 1/18 Smooth wrench locate the flats spots on the regulator mounting thread area of the Black plastic portion of the regulator and turn this portion of the plastic regulator counterclockwise until the Black plastic adjustment body is removed from the Silver metal body.

No loose parts will be exposed during this process so there is not a risk of anything falling out during this procedure.

5) After the Silver regulator body is in the desired position reassemble the Black plastic position on the regulator back into the Silver body and reassemble all removed components.

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