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Part Number: 5140026-15
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The 5140026-15 Manifold Kit is designed for a replacement manifold kit for the Faip pressure washer pump.

This 5140026-15 Manifold Kit now comes with both the long 22mm extension that was used on the EXWGV2121 Series of pressure washer and the short 22mm connection.

This 5140026-15 Manifold Kit was used on the following models:

Ex-Cell EXWGV2121
Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-1
Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-2
Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-3
Ex-Cell EXWGV2121-4

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The new 5140026-15 Manifold Kit has been changed from the original manifold with 22mm male threads manufactured into the outside of the manifold housing and now has 14mm internal female threads.

This new manifold design will now require the use of 1 of two different high pressure outlet extension adaptors to be used is order to connect the high pressure hose to the pressure washer.

The 5140026-15 Manifold kit with the 7 inch extension will be used on most DeVilbiss Ex-Cell EXWGV2121 Water Driver Series pressure washers that require the extended outlet tube to come through the pressure washer frame where the high pressure hose connect to the pump.

These model include the following units:
Ex-Cell Water Driver EXWGV2121 Pressure Washer
Ex-Cell Water Driver EXWGV2121-1 Pressure Washer
Ex-Cell Water Driver EXWGV2121-2 Pressure Washer
Ex-Cell Water Driver EXWGV2121-3 Pressure Washer
Ex-Cell Water Driver EXWGV2121-4 Pressure Washer

The 5140026-15 Manifold kit is the same as the FA-YKI57116600
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