How To Fix A Pressure Washer With No Water Flow

Removing the pressure washer quick connect fitting
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How To Fix A Pressure Washer With No Water Flow

So you grab your pressure washer for the first time in months, hook it up, turn it on, and... nothing. If there is no water flowing at all, then the check valve is likely to blame. When a pressure washer sits unused for an extended period of time, it can cause a range of problems. In this case, water is not flowing because the check valve has become stuck.

Common causes of a stuck check valve include:

  • A pump that has been unused for an extended length of time
  • Dirt buildup/corrosion
  • Insufficient lubrication

**If water is sputtering after turning the pump on, the first thing you want to check is the unloader and valves, then move on to the check valve.

How To Repair A Stuck Check Valve

1. Remove the quick connect fitting

The quick connect can be removed with a wrench and then set aside for later.

2. Remove the spring

Use a set of needle nose plyers to remove the spring. 

  • It might fall out on it's own

3. Remove the check valve

Use needle nose plyers to grab the check valve and pull it out.

4. Apply grease

Apply a small amount of grease to each o-ring on the quick connect fitting.

5. Apply locktite

Apply a small amount of locktite to the quick connect fitting.

6. Place check valve

Place the check valve in the outlet fitting and then gently place the fitting back into the pump and screw it in until it's snug.

After completing the above steps, water should start flowing when running the pressure washer.

To prevent the check valve from getting stuck again, we recommend using Simpson Pump Guard any time the pump will be sitting for more than two weeks after use. If your pump has a non-brass head, we recommend using Pump Guard after each use.