Can I Use Bleach In My Pressure Washer?

Man pressure washing cement sidewalk
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Can I Use Bleach In My Pressure Washer?

We do not recommend running bleach through your pressure washer.

Bleach can corrode metal parts, such as the pump, hoses, and connectors within the pressure washer. It can also cause damage to seals and gaskets. Using bleach in a pressure washer pump can lead to costly repairs or even replacement of the pump. Additionally, bleach can be harmful to nearby plants and vegetation.

What to use instead:

You should use a pressure washer detergent that has been specifically formulated for use in pressure washers. These detergents are made to keep your pressure washer in good health and effectively clean surfaces.

Vinegar can be used in pressure washers as well, but it is not our first choice. If you do choose to use vinegar, remember to never use it after using bleach.

To get the best results from your detergent, refer to your pressure washer manual for specific cleaning solutions and instructions.