23300-150 Pilot Assembly EcoFlow BI-Flame 2 Direction Flame Hood Convertible-Natural Gas

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Part Number
Part Number: 23300-150
Compatible Brands: IHP
Shipping Weight: 1 Lbs

The 23300-150 Pilot is the Ecoflow Direct vent Pilot assembly and is convertible from Natural Gas to Propane Gas 

This Copreci manufactured pilot assembly includes the thermocouple flame sense technology designed specifically for the hearth market.

The Copreci Ecoflow’s innovative design uses quick-response thermocouple flame sense technology to sense pilot flame, making it the most reliable control system


This overcomes typical fireplace issues such as moisture, contamination, down-drafts, and unstable pilots.

The 23300-150 Pilot Assembly includes the following features:

Thermocouple Flame Sense Technology
24 Inch ODS Spark Wire with 2.8x8.0 Connector
2 Direction Flame Hood
200 Degree Celsius Rating

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