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Part Number: 0.584.022

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The 0.584.022 Proflame GTM Series Transmitter is the remote transmitter that was used for the control on the flame height and temperature on many gas log sets including fireplaces made by DESA, Regency Fireplaces, Comfort Glow, Empire, FMI, Design Dynamics, Vanguard and several other fireplaces.

The Proflame GTM Remote 0.584.022 is also the Regency Receiver part numbers 910-572, 946-701 and the Desa, FMI part number 121129-01.
The 0.584.022 Transmitter requires 4.5 DC Volts,3 AAA batteries and has a radio frequency of 315 MHz

The Proflame GTM 0.584.022 is designed to control the on/off main burner operation, its flame levels, and provides on/off and Smart thermostatic control of the hearth appliance.

The Proflame GTM 0.584.022 is specifically developed to be used together with the 829 NOVA mV multi functional gas control or with the 820 NOVA mV converted with the step motor modulating kit.

The Proflame GTM 0.584.022 is a modular remote control system that directs the many functions of today's hearth appliances.

In its basic form, it is configured to control the on/off operation of the main burner and to provide thermostatic control of the appliance.

Comfort control is advanced by the Smart thermostat feature which automatically modulates flame height optimizing temperature management and room ambiance.

We are sorry but REMOTE TRANSMITTERS and REMOTE RECEIVERS are NOT RETURNABLE for refunds! These items comes with a 90 day warranty for exchange only. Please look at all pictures carefully and study your manual before you purchase this item because no returns for refunds will be accepted.

We do offer free testing on most Remote Transmitters and Remote Receivers for customer who choose to send these items in for testing.
Service Information
The Proflame Remote Control is a series of hand-held remote control thermostats approved with select Regency gas fireplaces & inserts.

The Proflame GT remote offers an On/ Off thermostat, digital room deperature display and child lock functions.

The Proflame GTM remote offers all of the GT features in addition to a 6-stage flame height adjustment, a smart thermostat function that adjusts the flame according to the desired room temperature.

The Proflame GTMF remote offers all of the features of the GT & GTM plus a 6-speed fan control setting and an optional auxillary outlet for amber accent lights.
Cross Reference
Desa 121129-01 Sit 0.584.022, 0584022, 584.022,584-022 Regency 946-701, 910-572

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