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Part Number: 121190-01

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121190-01 Thermostatically Controlled Remote System can be used to replace all previous versions of the 121190-02 and the 121190-01 Remote kits that were sold by DESA International.

121190-01 Thermostatically Controlled Remote System kit will replace both the 118624-01 Remote Transmitter and the 118625-01 Remote Receiver and give your gas heater the ability to operate thermostatically.

The 121190-01 Thermostatically Controlled Remote System was developed to provide a safe, reliable and user-friendly remote control system for gas heating appliances including vent-less gas logs fireplace systems, vent-free wall heaters, direct vent fireplace systems and other appliances using the American Flame AF.1110 & AF-1115 Gas Valves.

The 121190-01 Remote Control system operating range is approximately 20 feet with a total of 1,048,572 security codes that are programmed into the transmitter at the factory to prevent duplicated codes being used on multiple appliances.

This all battery remote controlled system operates independently of household 120 volt current and the system operates on radio frequencies with a non directional RF signal.

The 121190-01 Remote System also offers the following features:
All battery operated Remote and Receiver
LCD display for room and set temperatures in both F and C
Single Function Control for operating Latching Solenoid Gas Valve Systems
Radio Frequency Operated RF
4-button ON/OFF/Mode/Set transmitter with fingerprint resistant surface.
Automatic Programming with multiple Security Codes
Receiver with learn function
Snap-on wall plate with wires with connectors

This new 121129-01 Remote Kit will work with the American Flame gas valve model AF-2103 that was used in the DESA International Heaters.

The American Flame AF-1115 was the DESA part number 118623-01.

This 121129-01 Remote Kit will work on the following models of Desa Unvented Vent Free Blue Flame heaters using the AF-1115 gas Valve.

Desa International Models:

121190-01 remote control SYSTEM offers the user a battery-operated remote control to power the latching solenoid such as those used with the AF-1115 American Flame gas valves used in some decorative gas logs, gas fireplaces, wall heaters and other gas heating appliances.

The circuit uses the battery power from the receiver to operate a latching solenoid. The circuit has reversing polarity software which reverses the positive (+) and negative (-) output of the receiver's battery power to drive solenoid ON/OFF FLAME or open/close.

The SYSTEM is controlled by the remote transmitter. The transmitter operates on a 12 Volt battery made specifically for remote controls and electronic lighters. Before using the transmitter install the 12 volt (A-23) battery in the battery compartment.
It is recommended that ALKALINE batteries always be used for longer battery life and maximum operational performance.

The transmitter has ON/OFF/REMOTE functions that are activated by pressing either button on the face of the transmitter. When a button on the transmitter is pressed, a signal light on the transmitter illuminates to verify that a signal is being sent. Upon initial use, there may be a delay of three seconds before the remote receiver will respond to the transmitter. This is part of the system's design. If the signal light does not illuminate, check the position of the transmitter's battery.
Cross Reference
121190-01, CON-1001-TH,CON1001TH,